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Knox Consulting is devoted to helping organizations forge positive transformation in communities across the Bluegrass region– and beyond.

Passion & Purpose

I provide the very best in project management, advocacy, and organization-optimization services. Thanks to my legal background, diverse professional experience, and extensive network of colleagues, I am uniquely positioned to meet your most complex of needs. Working together, we will achieve your mission in the community…and transform our world.

Complex Project Management

Knox Consulting can manage the most challenging of projects, from imagination to reality.
  • Status Reports
  • S.W.O.T. Assessments
  • Funding Proposals
  • Stakeholder Orchestration
  • Contractor RFPs
  • Roadmaps for Implementation


Knox Consulting can advocate for your interests, from concept to approval.
  • Policy and Position Development
  • Government Relations
  • Political Analysis
  • Community Outreach

Organization Optimization Practices

Knox Consulting can help you make your great organization even better, from defining your mission to improving operations.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility and Market Studies
  • Branding
  • Fundraising Fundamentals

Passion. Integrity. Tenacity. Knox embodies these qualities in all that she does.

Chair, Fayette Alliance

I have had the opportunity to work with Knox on many different levels, from advocacy, policy, development, and fundraising... She is very well respected in her field and you cannot help but love her tenacity. I have very much enjoyed working with her and am always proud of the outcome...

Chair, Town Branch Park Foundation

The combination of Knox’s local knowledge, connections, legal background, and attention to detail enable her to get done anything she puts her mind to. No one understands the local issues better, nor how to navigate them, making Knox the best possible advocate and advisor for her client.

MT. Brilliant Farm

Knox cares. She is passionate about the community, and passionate about her work. It’s about making a real difference, with real results. I have witnessed this firsthand...Knox believes, as I do, that the health of our planet is fundamental to our health as a people.

Medical Director, UK Integrative Medicine and Health

Knox has the ability to understand and manage complex issues, and do it in a way that achieves the best possible outcomes for her clients. Knox is my friend and colleague. I not only appreciate her integrity, but her grit in getting the job done.

Dr. Michael Karpf
Former Executive Vice President for Health Affairs at UK HealthCare

I first worked with Knox in 2006 at the creation of Fayette Alliance. I asked how she could differentiate this organization from other seemingly similar groups. She led FA from a vision to a reality, engaged the community and surrounding environs and effectively marshalled the forces to recognize the value of our irreplaceable Bluegrass landscape within the context of smart growth. During its first decade, Knox built Fayette Alliance into a recognized, respected, and sustainable platform for informed and thoughtful land use. She tirelessly shepherded more than 100 pieces of legislation into action that guide land use patterns in a manner compatible with our horse farms and surrounding farmland. Her impact in the community will be felt for decades to come, and future generations will thank her for these policies she crafted and worked to implement.

Holly B. Wiedemann
Founder and President of AU Associates, Inc.

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Let’s get together and talk about your project, goals, and objectives. Learning more about each other is the exciting first-step in our collaboration, and lays the groundwork for transformation. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you!